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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud hosting is one of the cloud models that utilize the shared public cloud and the private cloud in the same network. The hybrid cloud comes as a solution for the businesses that are apprehensive of their data and applications in the public cloud while they are not keen on the private cloud due to its higher cost. Hybrid cloud is a blend of the other two models of the cloud.

Hybrid cloud allows the clients to host their mission-critical applications in the private cloud while utilizing the public cloud for their other routine tasks. The features of the cloud technology extend here. Users are billed on the pay-as-you-use model and can scale their requirements. They can move the applications from one cloud to the other any number of times. Storage can be increased or decreased as per requirements without the need for paying for unused capacity. Organizations can keep their mission-critical applications in their in-house dedicated servers or at the host’s data center with ring-like security which assures of enhanced security and is away from the intruders and fraudsters. Customers can utilize the services from one single provider or from two separate providers.

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