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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Specifically, in data centers, the HVAC systems govern ambient environment (be it humidity, temperature, air filtering, and air flow) and they are planned and operated with the components of the data center, including cabling, computing hardware, power, physical security systems, fire protection, and data storageSelecting HVAC contractor is vital step required in establishing a data center

Every physical hardware comes with eco-friendly needs which include humidity ranges and acceptable temperature. Usually, these requirements are described in a planning guide. 

Often, an isolated space, known as plenum is allocated to allow HVAC air circulation and for communication cabling (space in between the drop-down ceiling and structural ceiling). 

Usage of HVAC - 

HVAC systems come in various styles like central heating and air conditioning in the houses or offices. Through an installed HVAC system, an office or home can be kept at a consistent temperature consistently. All year round, most of the offices and homes keep HVAC system’ temperature ideal. In spite of facing the hassle of turning on the heater in winters or turning on AC in summers, it is best to keep HVAC system and set it at a good temperature in order to avail benefits.  

Benefits of HVAC – 

The major benefit of installing HVAC system is saving power or energy. Hiring HVAC technician in order to install HVAC system professionally can help you saving energy throughout the year. With this system, you can save around 60% power in a year, while keeping the office or house at the ideal temperature. You can set HVAC system at a specific temperature and it will maintain the same. When you go to the office or settle the temperature of HVAC system, it will remain scheduled when you reach home after a long day! 

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