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HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and is the basic protocol which the World Wide Web uses. This protocol will decide how the messages will be formatted and then sent; actions which the web servers or browsers will take in order to respond to the commands. So, the HTTP is essentially a set of rules for transferring files like images, text, sound or video across the Internet.

Whenever the user opens his browser, he is indirectly using the HTTP. The HTTP is, therefore, an application protocol which is supposed to act on top of TCP/IP protocols. So, every time you enter any URL in your web browser, it actually transmits HTTP command to a web server and directs it to get and send the requested page.

Another key standard which basically controls how the World Wide Web works are the HTML. This basically covers how the web pages are being formatted and displayed. So, with every client request being made, the HTTP will take this request and then set up a connection between the server and the client via the TCP. Then the HTTP sends the request to the web server which gets the requested information and sends it back. The HTTP will then carry this response back to clients. So, HTTP is the facilitator setting up the TCP connection and firing off requests made by clients to a destination website.

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