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HTML is the short form of HyperText Markup Language. The technology can be credited to the genius of Tim Berners-Lee. He came up with this idea in 1990. HTML was used for creating electronic documents to be shown on the World Wide Web. The document, every single one of them, is connected to other pages. These connecting factors are called hyperlinks. All the web page on the internet today has been written by using a version of the HTML code.

What is the key role of HTML code? According to internet experts, HTML code makes sure that text and images of the web pages have been properly formatted. This system allows your web browser to show them as they should appear. A browser will not be able to comprehend how to exhibit text or load images or other factors without the support of HTML technology.

HTML also plays an important role in providing the web page a basic structure. It is used for the Cascading Style Sheets too.

HTML is made up of a number of smaller codes developed into a text-file format by the author of the page. These codes are called tags. The text is saved in the form of an HTML file and seen by using a browser or any internet reading device. This browser reads the file and converts the text into a visible form, just as intended by the author. 

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