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Hosted Small Business Server

Managed Service Providers or web hosting services facilitate the use of IT resources to small business to offload their onsite IT infrastructure and reduce overall IT and employee expenditure. Hosted Small Business Server is essentially an outsourcing of IT infrastructure by small enterprises.

Businesses with few employees often find it practical to use hosted small business server for maintenance of server hardware, data backup, and to ensure redundancy of operations. The host is also responsible for updating software and operating systems. Generally, a hosted small business server is a low-end web server designed to cater to multiple requirements of a small business including internet connectivity, malware protection, remote access, file sharing, and so forth.

Microsoft offers Small Business Servers (SBS2011) in two variants, viz. 2011 Standard and 2011 Essentials. These are all in one solution for enterprises employing a workforce up to 75 employees.

One can also use Linux Small Business Server for meeting the challenges of running multiple applications for in a small business setup. These servers are of handling web services, system administration, network administration, and database management. Many times Linux operating system for hosted Small Business Server is preferred due to cost benefits. It is an open source operating system and can be downloaded, modified, or upgraded for free. One can choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian for Linux Small Business Server hosting.

The major attribute of a small business server is its broad usage. The small Business server is expected to perform multiple operations unlike dedicated servers, which are purpose-built for specific applications. Hence one small business server is built to perform operations different primary servers such as database server, web server, and print server. The hardware, as well as software used in a small business server, is specially designed to help budding enterprises to perform and grow. We can say that multitasking is one of the most vital aspects of a small business server.

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