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In internet protocol (IP) specification and from a networking point of view, a host is a computer or server that is interlinked with other machines using an internet connection. Each host carries its unique IP address. This address is created by the local number of the computer and the specific network it belongs to. The host has the responsibility of storing data. This data will be transmitted to other machines, which are generally the computers of users. These systems are called remote terminals.

In the field of web hosting, host refers to a web server. This server is engineered for various processes such as storage of website files, programs, and applications. The host can be viewed as a clutch of hardware, software and communication lines needed for the smooth functioning of the web hosting service.

Companies wanting to take advantage of the host system must sign up with a web hosting provider and choose a plan that meets their specific functional demands. It comes with features and tools designed to make management of the website and allied functions easy for the user. The functions of the host server can be fully customized to deliver precisely what the end-user is looking for from such a system.

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