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Grid Security Infrastructure

Grid security infrastructure is a standard platform applied for system protection with some secure communication without being tampered with by any outside forces. The grid system requires mutual authentication from both the parties to make sure that the data and resources are genuine and not provided by an attacker. Grid security infrastructure was earlier called as Globus security infrastructure.

Grid security infrastructure(GSI) is being implemented with the basic aim of maintaining an authenticated and confidential communication between two elements of a computational grid. Another important feature of the GSI is to create a process where the user has to log-in or authenticate only once and can get to use the resources in the grid without any further authorization. The user should be able to delegate a program to run on their behalf using the resources to which the user is authorized and continue in that order.

GSI Uses the Following Systems of Authentication:

Public key cryptography where it relies on a two-key system where if one key is used to encrypt, the other key must be able to decrypt.

With public key cryptography, it is possible to sign any information digitally which is to reassure the receiver that the information has been received by them in the same form in which it was sent without being tampered.

Another form of GSI is through certificates which have information like a subject name to identify the person or item that the certificate is meant for. It verifies the public key of the subject. The third factor of the certificate is to identify the certificate authority (CA) that has issued the certificate and their digital signature.

The other form of authentication is the mutual authentication where the two consenting parties sign each other’s certificate and reconfirm their authenticity that they are who they assert to be.

GSI systems thus can be said to be an effort to eliminate the possibilities of data tampering and keep the data well secured at all times. 

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