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Green Data Center

A green data center is a massive computing warehouse that stores, manages and distributes data. All the necessities like power, computing resources, lighting and cooling systems at the data center are planned to run with maximum energy efficiency and without creating any adverse impact on the environment. The amenities are similar to the traditional data centers. The green data center looks to more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Data centers are considered one of the main causes of releasing large quantities of carbon and other greenhouse gases creating ecological imbalance and global warming.

Green data center is primarily designed to cut down carbon footprint, utilize low- radiating carpets, paints and other furnishings, reduce wastage by employing ecological friendly recyclable devices and equipment, make use of energy technologies like heat pumps, generate power by using solar cells converting energy from the sun and evaporative cooling, installing emission control devices to convert toxic gases and pollutants in the power backup solutions. It also involves the planting of trees in and around the data centers to maintain some coolness. The data centers tackle the efficiency issues with an increased focus on renewable energy deploying solar panels and fuel cells.

Green data centers are built to bring down high energy costs. The racks and cabinets used here can easily manage and sustain high temperatures. High-density servers are taking a toll on the efficiency of a data center resulting in not being able to deliver any additional capacity. Green data center creates a cycle of savings. Low energy consumption will need lower cooling solutions reducing infrastructural expenses. The hardware vendors are making sure of power efficiency in their server offerings. With the strong environmental activist lobby, everyone concerned with data centers is making moves at adopting aggressive strategies to make the world pollution free and greener place. 

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