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Graphic User Interface

A Graphic User Interface or GUI allows the user to utilize icons or any other visual indicators to interact with electronic devices, instead of using text through a command line.

MS-DOS does not use GUI, however, all the versions of MS Windows do.

GUI was developed in 1981 by a group of developers and researchers, including Douglas Engelbert, Alan Key, etc.

A GUI works by utilizing menus, icons, and windows to perform commands like the opening, moving, and deleting files.

GUI Operating Systems (OSs) are easy to learn and use since the need for remembering commands is eliminated. Also, there is no requirement for learning any programming language to use GUI. Some examples of GUI Oss are Chrome OS, Apple OS, MS Windows, etc. Not all operating systems are GUI, though.

Some examples of GUI interface are Internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc., Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, etc., KDE, GNOME, etc. To use GUI, the user has to use a pointing device like a mouse to use most of the facilities offered. A keyboard and some other devices can also be used in place of a mouse.

The GUI was developed at Xerox PARC.

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