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Grails is an open source cross-platform web framework that powers the Apache Groovy language and integrates with Java web development. Grails has been designed to bring the “coding by convention” paradigm to Groovy. The purpose of Grails is to provide a stand-alone development environment which hides the configuration details or integrate the Java business logic. The objective is to make development as simple as possible and suit the needs of developers from everywhere and not be restricted to the developers from the Java community.

Features of Grails:

1. It is a popular platform that uses the Groovy language which is very concise, expressive and runs with lesser code to maintain.
2. Java developers find it simple to use the framework and enjoy the web application development. It provides an easy and flexible layer over the non-relational data sources including Hibernate.
3. It integrates well with Grails object relational mapping(GORM) databases that are supported by Hibernate(IDBC) and data sources like Redis, MangoDB etc.
4. Allows the users to bypass GORM and directly Hibernate API. It is flexible and allows users to choose Java or any other stronger typing whenever required.
5. Grails offers over 1000 plugins that have developed by the different contributors and developers that can be used to make integration an existing framework process simple and easy.

Grails is written by Graeme Rocher and was first released in 2005 under the Apache License2.0 and as per the MVC framework. It requires JDK7 as the Java platform for use. It has a large responsive community that gives quick responses to any questions related to the Grails framework. 

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