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GNU General Public License

GNU General Public License is free to license software that is widely used in today’s computing world. It guarantees users the permission and freedom to study, share, run and modify the software. Originally, the software was written by Richard Stallman who belonged to the Free Software Foundation, which was originally written for the GNU project. It grants recipients of a particular program the right for Free Software Definition. It is important to understand that GNU is a copyleft license. This means that derivative work can only be lawfully distributed under the same name and under the same license terms.

Over the years, there have been several versions of GNU made available in the market. Each version has its own specialty and has been made more advanced to suit the recipient. According to the terms and conditions laid down in the GNU, there is no need for the recipient to publish the content with the changes made in the text of the software. The changes made can be for private usage alone and is primarily for making the experience of the recipient better in terms of usage.

GNU General Public License is extremely customer friendly and is aimed at making the experience of the users better by several degrees.

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