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Global File System

A Global File System (GFS) aims at accessing data or services from multiple systems or computers that are located remotely. It is essentially a cluster of files that are shared between these remotely located systems and computers. Global File System facilitates accessing, storing, and downloading of such files in computer systems that may belong to the same network or are distantly located.

In a Global File System, changes made in one system are saved in the system and the changes are also reflected in all other systems that are sharing the data. Although the method is similar to that of a Distributed File System, in a Global File System the data can be directly accessed by the nodes in different systems. A Global File System allows computers or systems in the cluster to organize their I/O for preserving the uniformity of the system.

Global File Systems have facilitated management of increasing volumes of data. Global File Systems span the large number of computers in a clustered network, unlike a single computer system that covers a limited number of disks or sub-systems. Global File System is a high-end solution that helps replication of data among nodes irrespective of the fact that these are on heterogeneous systems.

Global File Systems ensures load balancing, high availability, and file-system abstraction. The facility of abstraction also facilitates seamless addition of storage devices including those of heterogeneous nature. Users can easily run commodity hardware or network applications with the provision of a single management console.

Modern enterprises build state of the art user interfaces by using a monitoring and reporting tool for Global File system based on Google maps to facilitate the use of cloud for primary storage. It also assists management of globally distributed cloud storage and provides central monitoring capability. The new console also helps determine the status of every file stored in a Global File System.

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