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Ghost is an online open source blogging platform founded in the year 2013 with the intention of offering the latest tools and technology to the publishing industry professionals. It is a technology offered under the PaaS model.

Features of Ghost:

Ghost has got very fast popularity and powers several websites, blogs.
• Ghost is a powerful publication platform and comes with a suite of publishing tools for freelance journalists, authors, and writers.
• It functions as an editor for writers focusing on the content being created and offers suggestions and edits to give the writer an analysis of how much the content is likely to generate interest.
• The content that is published is archived and can be scanned in quick time. It is safe and easily recoverable at any point in time.
• Ghost uses tools like Slack, GitHub, Zoom for better collaboration making use of the internet to the maximum and work in a very cost-efficient way.
• It allows for easy collaboration among the authors, editors, and administrators
• Users can create their time schedule on when to publish content and Ghost does it with complete accuracy
• Edits and amendments can be done in a simple way with a few clicks saving a lot of time and effort in the process.

Ghost was first initiated by John O’Nolan and registered as a non-profit organization and was financed by Kickstarter. It is unique in the sense that there is no office as such and everything is run online. The team meets twice a year at a pre-planned destination to chalk out future strategies.

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