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Wiki | G | Gateway


Gateway is a network node that connects two networks which use different protocols. It allows the users to communicate and send data back and forth. A node is basically a physical stopping place for transporting or reading or using data.

There are several forms of gateways, such as computers and servers, and they can perform quite a number of tasks. A gateway is most often associated with a router.

The internet gateway is the most common gateway – it connects an enterprise or home network to the internet. It also works as a security node. In the home wireless network, the router provided by the internet service provider is the gateway that connects the system to the internet. The router can control the path through which the information is sent. At the workplace, the gateway is the computer that routes traffic from the workstation to the outside network that serves the web pages.

Gateways are among one of the several ways in which information and data are moved around over the internet. They allow entry into many different networks to allow the user to look at various websites, send emails, buy stuff online, and do many other kinds of activities. They allow the user the freedom and convenience they enjoy online. 

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