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Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

The FDQN-Fully Qualified Domain Name will consist of the host and domain name and also the top domain. The FDQN will typically start with the name of the host and then it continues to the top-level domain. It is a complete unambiguous domain name which shows an exact location for any object in DNS or Domain Name System hierarchy. So, it will specify all the domain levels, starting from the root source up to the top-level domain name. Most of the domain names which we use in URLs are partially qualified. The Fully Qualified Domain Name will refer to a unique address for only one location. It comes with two parts, namely, the domain name and the hostname. The top-level domain name is like the root directory on any workstation from where the other directories originate. When you have to connect to a host, you will have to state the FDQN. The DNS server will then resolve the hostname provided to its IP address, and the host is then contacted whereupon you get a login prompt.

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