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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) stands for File Transfer Protocol and is important as it transfers files among computers which are connected in a network. It is possible to use this to exchange files among accounts and transfer documents between a desktop and an account. You can even access online archives using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). But many FTP websites are in frequent use and therefore you may need to make multiple attempts before you can actually connect.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is essentially a client-server protocol where there are two communication channels between the server and the client. So, it is a command channel. It controls the conversation and has another data channel for transferring file data. Clients will start conversations by making the request for downloading a specific file. By using the FTP, the client can then upload or download, delete or rename, and copy or move files on servers. Users will have to log onto FTP servers.

FTP sessions may work both in passive and active modes. In the passive mode, the server makes use of communication channel for transferring data to the client which can help it to open data channel. In active mode, when a client starts a session through a request in the command channel, the server initiates data connections to the client to send the data. Passive mode tends to work across NAT gateways and firewalls.

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