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Firewall Services

Firewall is defined as a set of connected programs situated at the network gateway server which protects the resources of the private network from the users of the outside network. A firewall examines every network packet in order to decide whether to forward the same towards its terminus. 

The firewalls depict a strategy component in order to battle malicious assaults and activities on network-accessible info and computing resources. Other components include intrusion detection software and antivirus software. 

File sharing, remote console access, and web browsing are some of the instances of firewall services. The service makes use of port and certain protocol. For instance, HTTP service makes use of 80 port number and TCP protocol

Firewall service makes use of two ports –

• Responder Port – The computer port where the connection ends

• Initiator Port – The computer port which begins the connection

Whether port on the computer is a responder port or initiator port, it depends on traffic direction –

In case, firewall service is for the outbound traffic, then initiator port is on the computer. After that, responder port is the port on the remote computer.

If firewall service is for the inbound traffic, then initiator port is on the remote computer and responder port will be the port on the computer. 

Typically, responder ports are mentioned in software documentation. When talking about initiator port, usually, they could be larger than 1023. Though, for a few games, you might need to define the exact initiator ports. In such a scenario, software documentation is mentioned. In case, you create a new rule of the firewall, so you possess various predefined services which you can add to the rule. In addition, you can too add and create your services in case service provided by you is not on the list. 

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