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Firewall is a network security system that has been built to stop the traffic movement either way from entering a private network. With the firewall networks, the access to the private networks by unauthorized entities are restricted and controlled. All the incoming and outgoing communication and messages that are taking place in the private network pass through the firewall that has the capability to read and block the messages that are not meeting the set rules. This ensures that only the genuine traffic that meets the specified security criteria are allowed inside while preventing access to the others.

Firewalls are designed to protect all types of networks. Firewalls are either hardware or software based or a combination of both. A few types of firewalls are:

1. Packet filter: a Packet is a unit of data sent from one source to another. Packet firewall reads each packet and allows only those that meet the set rules.

2. Application gateway: Is implemented for applications like FTP DNS or HTTP services. It can effectively be applied to block malware and other malicious content.
3. Proxy server: It intercepts and manages all the messages leaving a network and keeps the original network addresses from getting revealed.

The firewall can be said to be the first wall of protection from private communication getting intercepted and misused. 

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