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File Synchronization

File synchronization or syncing is a terminology in the computing process that describes a process by which we can ensure the presence of computer files in two or more locations by following certain rules. Synchronization can be either one way or two-way. One way is called mirroring. In mirroring, updated content is copied from a source location to one or many target locations. However, the updated content is not copied in both directions. So, nothing is copied back to the source. However, when the synchronization is two way, an identical file is copied back to the source. This is done to maintain two identical copies of the same content.

File synchronization is commonly used for backups at home either on external hard drives or for updating USB flash drives. There is software available for real-time file syncing. The process is automatic and avoids copying of duplicate content. This can save loads of time and proves to be much more error-free as compared to a manual copy. However, there is one drawback for this storage mechanism that is the files must fit into storage mechanism.

Synchronizing files is most important for the safety of data. Creating a couple of copies of valuable data always helps.

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