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File Sharing

File sharing is defined as private or public sharing of the computer space or data within the network with different access privilege levels. Whereas files could be easily shared outside network (for instance, by mailing or handling somebody files on diskette), file sharing means sharing files within the network, even in small area network. It permits numerous people to utilize the same file via a combination of viewing, reading, writing, modifying, copying or printing it. Usually, the file sharing system possesses one or more supervisors. Customers might have the same or different access privilege levels. It can also mean possessing allocated personal file storage within a file system.

For years, file sharing has been a multi-user and mainframe computer systems. With the advancement of internet, file transfer system, also known as File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  is widely-used. It can be utilized to access like reading and writing files shared in between a set of users through password in order to gain shared files access from FTP server website. Most of the FTP sites provide public file sharing as well as viewing/copying files by downloading them utilizing public password (anonymous). Many Website Developers utilize FTP in order to upload latest or revised files to Web Server. Indeed, the World Wide Web could be considered as big file sharing, which include requested files or pages constant download or they are copied to the Web user.

However, more usually, file sharing suggests a system in which customers can write and read the files or they are permitted some space for their personal files on the common server and its access is given to right people. In addition, file sharing could be witnessed as management and file systems. It is utilized in schools and universities as well.

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