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File Manager

The file manager is a computer application software that enables storing of all electronic files and documents into folders. The folders can further be bifurcated into subfolders to store more files again classifying them into various categories. The file manager is a simple, easily navigable application that comes with numerous features. Users can open, view, edit, add, delete, rename the files.

Login to your account. Go to the Files category, select File Manager. A new dialogue box appears. Select Web Root from the drop-down or pop-up menu. You can find a box beside Show Hidden Files. All the files in the file manager can be seen in a new window.

To create a new folder, click on the File Manager icon. Click on New. Type a name for the folder in the Name Text box. Click Create. Add files to the folder using the drag & drop feature. The procedure is almost similar in all functions. To copy a file, click on Copy, to rename a file click on rename, to move a file, click on the move icon and select the destination directory where you want the file to be moved. To delete a file, click on delete.

In case you have forgotten where you stored a file, you can use the Search feature in the top right-hand corner of the File Manager Main Window. Go to Home directory and all subdirectories. Select the current directory and type the file name in the text box.

The File Manager can also be used to backup files. It alerts the users to save and create a backup manually in case the automatic backup feature is disabled. There are links to email and other similar communication programs to enable users to transfer files to others. The users must issue the appropriate command as to where the files must be sent. A copy of the file is sent without wasting much time and complete information is carried out.

File Manager can also extract files that have been archived. Click on the Extract icon after selecting Archive and clicking on the file that is to be extracted. You must type the destination where you wish the extracted file to be stored.

You can assign file permissions to access and use the file manager. There are three basic file permissions. first is Read, the second is Write and third is Execute.

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