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File Hosting Service

File hosting service is an online service offered by companies that host a customer’s data. The customers are given individual accounts where they can upload their files on the servers that are located remotely. The users can share their data among their employees and clients via a download link.

Features of File Hosting Service:

• File hosting services do not have any restrictions on the size of files. It allows HTTP access, FTP access, Virtual storage, remote backup. PDF ’s, word processors, spreadsheets etc.

• Users can upload their files and access them from any computer, tablet, smartphones or device via an internet connection.

• File hosting services provide a platform for collaborative efforts where the users can invite their friends, colleagues or other users to share, add or contribute to a specific file or folder.

• Users can sync their folders and allow them to use any compatible device to view them. The files in these folders can also be viewed through a website or mobile app and shared for viewing and collaborating with other users.

• The service providers offer one-click hosting which allows the users to easily upload their files from any device and from any location.

File hosting service is also commonly referred to as online file storage services, cloud storage services or cyberlocker.

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