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Fedora is an operating system based on Linux kernel. It is open source, free license and can be used, modified and distributed by all users. Fedora has been built and is developed by people who have grouped together and work as a community called Fedora project. The project founded in 2003 is being sponsored by RedHat. The developers and community members interact with one another through wiki pages and public mailing lists. Fedora is innovative and works in close integration with Linux communities. Any changes made in the Linux upstream is made available in all of the Linux distributions. Fedora is available in a few flavors like:

Fedora Workstation: It is a reliable, user-friendly and a strong operating system ideal for both desktops and laptops. It comes with an attractive user interface and offers a complete set of tools, languages, and utilities that can be used with just a click.

Fedora server: Another powerful and flexible operating system that gives the users quick and easy control over the services and infrastructure. It allows the user easy access to monitor the system performance.

Fedora cloud: it is a powerful operating system built to be deployed on a public cloud or the private cloud with many user-friendly tools.

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