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Fault Tolerance

Fault tolerance is the term applied to a computer system's ability to respond to a crisis situation where it has the ability to automatically and instantly divert itself on to a backup unit at times when there is a sudden failure of the system. The users have to consider the various ways they can prevent failure. With this capability, it will ensure there is no loss of data or discontinuity in service.

A typical example of fault tolerance can be in case of power failure systems are automatically diverted to the backup UPS or generator thereby taking care that there is no interruption in supply till the time power is restored or the data is saved before the computer system is switched off. Another way to design fault tolerance is to run data backup every day or at least once a week of all crucial data to fall back on at times of failure. It is recommended to create a duplication of data at alternate locations.

Fault tolerance is generally implemented in both hardware and software. Hardware fault tolerance is implemented by ensuring redundancy ensuring availability of even under the most stressful fault conditions. The software implementation is done by creating checkpoints within the system at certain pre-determined points.

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