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Etano Hosting

Etano is a customizable, flexible, and modular site that is amazingly fast. It is written in the PHP script language users must have PHP 5.3 or 5.4 and MySQL 5.1x. The community builder is vastly used to build dating, social networking, or any site that involves connecting groups of people. It is an open source and free project that is unencoded and unencrypted. The users can get the full source codes to make the changes to the script if needed.

The Etano hosting framework enables users to store unlimited photos and share in public or private mode. Users can edit and leave comments on the photos. The search feature can be saved and stored to enable them to find it easily in the future. The advanced search feature allows people to search for others based on any one or more of the fields like location, name, distance, state, country.

Dialwebhosting is a leading Etano hosting provider. They will provide you with all the features that you need to launch your Etano website with some easy and quick steps with much investment. Dialwebhosting makes it easy for you to install and run the Etano site on the most compatible and newest versions of PHP and MySQL for your business. Dialwebhosting offers SSL certificate to encrypt your applications and keep the site secure.

Dialwebhosting can assist you on how to transfer your site data and other information to their data center with any risk of losing any data.

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