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ERP on Cloud

ERP on Cloud (also known as cloud ERP) is nothing but Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that can be accessed in the cloud with the use of the internet for accessing servers which are remotely hosted from your business. Cloud ERPs are significantly different from traditional productivity enhancing ERP or similar kinds of software because the former is located in the cloud (which needs internet to fetch the information) and the latter on premises. In the case of traditional ERPs, everything related to purchase, housing, and maintenance of software, as well as related hardware, rests with the enterprise itself. 

So, the software and hardware costs of cloud ERP related to traditional ERP are higher. However, when it comes to cloud ERP, there are lower upfront costs. This is because of the fact that cloud computing resources are leased by the enterprises from third-party data centers and unlike traditional ERP solutions the hardware items are not purchased in entirety and maintained on premises. In case of ERP on the cloud, you get faster cloud ERP applications because of the simple fact that there is no requirement of hardware or software installation on the physical server. Even if any cyber attack takes place then the same will happen on the cloud and not on the company’s server. These are the additional benefits of ERP on the cloud over traditional ERP.

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