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Enterprise Storage

Enterprise storage is a large repository that offers big businesses with facilities of storing, managing, sharing and backup of digital information. Enterprise storage has capabilities of handling large volumes of data and a large number of users. It is much more powerful than the storage devices being used by smaller businesses. They have been developed for the businesses that have mission-critical operations and have the scalability features.

Enterprises storage uses the storage area network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS) devices and is available into different types. One is the primary storage that enables users to access the data. The second is the backup storage that has copies of all the information that is available in the primary storage and is used when disaster recovery has to do. It is similar to archive storage where normally all the original information, that has got obsolete and outdated, is stored. Businesses have the choice of on-premises storage where they have control over the data and hardware and the cloud storage which is taken care by providers and is more cost-effective.

Enterprise storage is a storage repository where huge volumes of products and services that are used by large enterprises to store, protect, share and retrieve digital information through a network of computer systems. The repositories involve using of storage area network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS) devices.

Enterprise storage can be implemented in several ways. One is the primary storage where all the information and data that is made use of by the end users is stored. Then you have the backup storage where all the duplicated copies of the information stored in primary storage are housed. There are some cases where the duplicated storage data is used as archive storage where every information pertaining to the organization including outdated information is stored and kept. It is mainly kept to meet with certain regulatory compliances. Some of the benefits with enterprise storage are it ensures the availability of data, acts as the disaster recovery process, helps in data sharing, data backup, and restoration services.

Enterprise storage can be deployed in-house where the organizations deploy the storage system hardware in their premises having full control over the infrastructure and data. It is an expensive option requiring the purchase of Tapes, hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) which are susceptible to wear and tear. To keep it affordable, many enterprises use a mix of tape, HDD and SSD. Another option available to the organizations is storing the data using the cloud technology which is far more affordable and does not require much investment. In cloud storage, the vendor decides on the software and hardware and the enterprises are not concerned with it. There are many organizations that come up with a hybrid solution making use of both on-premises and the cloud storage. Enterprise storage is a useful solution as it builds up collaboration and file sharing among multiple users.

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