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Enterprise Information System

Enterprise information system (EIS) is a large software tool being used in the process of implementing any type of information system that helps in improving the functioning of an enterprise business infrastructure. Enterprise in this context is not restricted to large organizations or multinational companies but is extendable in every aspect covering anything and everything that is being coined in the present day IT corporate environment.

Enterprise information system helps an organization in integrating their business system on one common platform, increase employee productivity and eliminate duplication of business data. it is also an effective to cut down the costs of information technology and reduce manual data input. Some of the benefits include improves teamwork and collaborated efforts, improves the response to market trends and enhances the quality of work and employee input and efficiency. Some typical examples of EIS include enterprise resource planning ERP), supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Customer relationship management (CRM) system has been developed with the purpose of improving the efficacies of an organization’s sales department productivity. It studies and analysis the needs of a customer and their purchasing tendencies and integrates it with the market behavior and looks to improve their quality of services with new plans and strategies. Other features of CRM include access to the system through mobile devices, allows the sales staff to edit and update data from other client sites.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): It integrates the software applications and involves accounts receivable, management, sales, data sharing etc. Each of these performs functions that would create tools for executing end to end business processes.

Supply Chain Management: It is a system of collection of various resources to produce and deliver products to the end-user. It involves people, tasks, data, equipment being used for product development, material collection, production and delivery from the vendor to the customer.

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