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Enterprise Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud Computing is essential for any organization it is a complete solution for any organization that delivers IT services. This helps to provide all the computing resources like hardware and software, networking and storage etc to the end users according to their requirements. The most important feature of this computing is that it can be customized as per the needs of the users and the user will be liable to pay only for the services taken.

Enterprise can leverage 3 main types of cloud models:

1. Public Cloud: Under Public Cloud, the cloud services are offered by the third party, these are said to exist beyond the company’s firewall. They assure of complete security of the companies complete infrastructure.

2. Private Cloud: This provides the hosted services to few numbers of people, which are behind the firewall. This is perfect for the organizations that prefer to run things in-house.

3. Hybrid Cloud: This is the combination of the private cloud as well as the public cloud. Under this, an organization may use Public Cloud for general computing and may store the customer data in private cloud. Here the responsibility of the management is also divided between the public cloud provider and the enterprise. 

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