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Enterprise Class

Enterprise-class is a standard term that refers to the ability of any given tool or products to manage complex services. The applications are built to be efficient, robust and highly scalable and offer high capabilities. Although there are no set standards to measure and define an enterprise-class they are tools that are open and compatible with all types of applications and databases.

The enterprise-class tools are generally customizable to suit the specific needs of every department. The tools are highly scalable and available on demand to meet the requirements of an enterprise. Enterprise-class tools offer the highest level of security and protection to the data and other business applications.

Enterprise-class is not any certification or official accreditation and does not require a vendor to maintain any particular norms or standards. It is only a marketing term that vendors use to describe and assure the customers that the applications and tools are reliable and powerful to provide them with quality services. The users, in turn, need to ensure that the products are suitable for their business needs. 

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