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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual tool with many high-end features and capabilities to help in the management and operation of an organization.  The basic idea is to determine how an enterprise can efficiently achieve its present and future goals and objectives. It is more affordable than the other similar tools and gives business and its IT managers an opportunity to adapt to the high-end features and policies to achieve their end targets in a more effective way. Enterprise architecture is being implemented successfully for over 15 years and has been developed, enhanced and is being refined more and more to meet the increasing demands of business analysts, programmers, designers and enterprise architects.

Enterprise architecture is being implemented in four ways. One is the application perspective that describes the process and standards that an enterprise applies to achieve their day to day functions. Second is the business perspective which describes the way an enterprise operates on their daily functions. The third is the information prospective that describes and classifies the various tools that business applies like spreadsheets, presentations, videos, images and similar to operate efficiently. Finally, the technology perspective which again describes the IT tools like operating system, hardware, applications and networking programs that an organization uses in their business.

It helps in designing and redesigning an organization’s structure at times of mergers, new acquisitions, expansions and any other changes a business brings about. It looks to optimize the use of all the organizational assets and create a cost effective business delivery system. It looks to eliminate and discard redundant and inefficient operational processes, adopt the latest and improved methods to perform better, take remedial steps to reduce the risk of system failures and security while cutting down the operational costs and look at ways to avoid duplication of IT infrastructural services.

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