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Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect is a complete analysis and design tool for UML, SysML, BPMN and other technologies. It covers all the software development including the software requirements, design models, testing, maintenance etc. It is a ready-made package for the analysts, testers, project managers, quality control department and deployment team. Enterprise Architect is a multi-user Windows-based graphical tool that is ideal for organizations in structuring robust and easy maintainable software.

Alternatively, an enterprise architect can be a professional who looks after the IT concerns of an organization and has a very dynamic and crucial role in the development of the business. The enterprise architect is well-qualified in technology. Though their role goes beyond technical skills, they should be abreast of the latest technical abilities.

An ideal Enterprise Architect should be a motivating and inspiring personality and be capable to influence a set of standards in the enterprise. The Enterprise Architect has a critical role in negotiations and has to make their contributions although in some cases they do not have the powers in decision makings of an organization. They should have business shrewdness as they have to interact with like-minded people in the industry as part of their daily chores. In simple words, they cover the entire range of an IT team in an organization. 

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