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Enterprise Application Security

Enterprise Application Security (EAS) refers to the various levels of security offered to protect an enterprise’s applications from data theft, external damage and privilege misuse. There are several concerns that every enterprise faces with regards to security. The abusers are taking advantage of the technology and coming up with new innovative and unpredictable ways increasing security compliance requirements. This is making it imperative for enterprises to apply application security across critical applications that are likely to vulnerable to threats. Enterprise Application Security (EAS) is crucial as the applications have financial implications and any lapse can result in huge losses to the organization.

Assessments at various levels for application susceptibility should be done at frequent intervals on all applications with a starting reference assessment through a number of susceptibility tests. Critical applications to business are more likely to be the target of fraudsters and require higher levels of assessment.

Enterprise Application Security (EAS) could mean making these application services available only too well qualified and competent experts within an enterprise. Every component, service and the application has to be sheltered from unapproved viewing and strict measures taken to ensure the applications are not modified or tampered with. Encryption and digital signatures are another couples of ways to protect the applications from being intercepted or meddled with.

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