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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration is a collective term used to describe the various technologies adopted with the aim of consolidating, remodeling and coordinating the computer applications including the software applications and hardware components of an enterprise. Every enterprise has their own set of legacy applications and databases which they need to continue to use even if they are migrating to a new application platform or are building the new set of applications making use of varying technologies like the internet, e-commerce, intranet or extranet. At such times, Enterprise Application Integration may look to offer a totally new concept of the business strategies while considering how the existing applications can be reused into the new environment efficiently and integrating them with the new data.

Enterprise Application Integration involves procedures like identifying the objects that an enterprise may need and how they can be related to one another. It looks to modify and implement the ERP (enterprise resource planning) making it suitable to meet the new goals. There are many advantages of enterprise application integration. It gives them real-time access to data, streamlines the entire process, gives access to data more efficiently and makes information available across several platforms and creates an easy process of maintenance and development.

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