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Enterprise Application

Enterprise application (EA) is a software application that is designed to meet the needs of a corporate establishment that could include government agencies and businesses. It is a large infrastructure meant for the corporates and offers highly scalable, database and component-based applications. They are organized on a variety of platforms across intranets, extranets or internet to provide maintenance, security, and administrative capabilities.

Enterprise applications called proprietary enterprise apps are deployed in-house by the technical team of an organization. They also are designed by third-party providers and available as application service providers. The latest trend is by moving to the cloud computing and move some or complete IT infrastructure to the cloud technology.

Enterprise applications services are designed to integrate every division like accounting, distribution, resource planning, human resources, e-commerce and online payment processing, finance, IT service management, security, enterprise resource planning, inventory control, business intelligence, manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer relationship management (CRM) and many similar. The enterprise applications also relate to customers, partners and vendors/suppliers. Any lapse in meeting these requirements could result in the failure of the entire venture. Enterprise application software is crucial for every large enterprise. It is pivotal for improving the proficiency and productivity of an organization.

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