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Email Server Settings

Email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, allows users to access the mailboxes directly from the web. It sometimes becomes troublesome to login into their site to read and send emails. An easier way out for sending and receiving emails is through mailbox using an email client software like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook etc. For proper implementation, the user has to configure the email software with the outgoing and incoming mail servers of the email provider like Gmail or Yahoo.

You first need to go to the general account settings and go to the mail server settings under the mail server option. Click on the configure server settings box, select the internet email account. type out your name and email address in the user information column. Next, go to the account type POP3/IMAP using the drop-down menu and enter the incoming and outgoing details. The incoming server port for POP (post office protocol) by default is 110 and for IMAP (internet mail access protocol) it is 143. Enter your user name and password in the boxes. User name is generally the email address that you entered earlier. Then click on the remember password box for the server to store your password. Your internet service provider (ISP) should be able to give the details for the incoming and outgoing mail server information.

Continue to the more setting box and click on the outgoing server tab. Click on the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol). Proceed with the authentication (found in advanced options or settings). Use the user ID and password and follow the same procedure as done for incoming emails. The outgoing server port is either 2525 or 587. Click on the OK button and then the finish button. You have completed the process of email server settings and should be able to send and receive emails.

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