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Email Privacy

You may believe that your private one-to-one emails are confidential and cannot be read by a third party but you may not be right all the time. Many emails are hacked into and their contents accessed by unscrupulous elements for their personal benefits. In fact, non-encrypted email messages can be intercepted and read even in transit. They can even be reconstructed and read from backup devices. To prevent unauthorized access to confidential and private emails, it is important to secure them by encrypting them. Email privacy deals with the privacy rights that you are bestowed while carrying our electronic communications.

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and Data Protection Act are the key elements of email privacy process. While it recognizes the fact that businesses and individual users can make use of the internet and digital mobile networks to explore better communication methods, there is a serious element of risk to the privacy of such communications.

Email privacy regulations apply to all types of email communications, regardless of whether they are private or non-private in nature. Email hosting providers must have systems and procedures in place to make sure that the obligations of these regulations are adequately complied with.

Encryption is one of the most common methods used for securing email content and ensuring its privacy. It can be performed at different levels with different outcomes. There are various types of encryptions available such as transport level encryption and the end to end transcription. The former encrypts communications between email servers which effectively prevents an outsider from viewing content between the two server lines. End to end encryption is the process in which data is encrypted and decrypted at the sender and receiver points. This ensures complete privacy of the contents of emails shared between the two parties. Other advanced encryption processes are also used nowadays. 

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