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Email Hosting Service

Email Hosting Service is a Web/Internet service that utilizes a hosting server to manage electronic messages. Let's say you own a domain name and want to enjoy email services on that particular domain name. For that, you will have to avail the services of an email hosting services provider.

There are free webmail sites like Yahoo, Google, etc. but email hosting services are different from these in the sense that they are superior. 

There are many benefits provided by email hosting service providers, such as:

- Advanced email solutions hosted on dedicated email platforms.

- Management of the client's domain name.

- Security measures like email authentication schemes like replication, filtering, and rerouting.

- Webmail features like autoresponders, unlimited forwarders and aliases, large attachments, mailing lists, calendars, folder and contacts management, archiving, backups, and spam/virus protection.

A huge advantage of using this service is that you can access your emails from anywhere using your smartphone or through Webmail.

Most hosting providers cater to users like small or medium businesses that need to have their own domain name in order to distinguish themselves from the rest. The client can have a diverse range of email addresses with the same trailing address. Having their own branded email is definitely a plus point for these organizations since they don't have to contact their clients using ISP addresses like Hotmail or Google. Also, with this service, they can rest easy and concentrate on the core issues of their business while your email is being fully managed by the provider.

Wonder why large organizations don't go in for these? That’s because they can afford to host their own email servers. They do not have to rely on email service providers.

Most professional email hosting service providers are quite affordable. If you are a new business, this is the best way to go since you don’t have to maintain in-house email servers and hire IT people to manage them. 

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