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Email Encryption

Email encryption is a technical process of securing confidential data communicated from one computer to another through electronic mails. It is used to make sure that private and confidential data is read and understood only by the parties for whom the messages are intended. It is a way of signing your emails digitally which can be encoded only by the recipient of the message. Others will see a series of letters that make no sense.

Email encryption involves creating a key which is provided to your contacts. When you want to send a private email to your contacts, the mail content is encrypted using the key. The receiver of the email makes use of the same codes to read the message in its actual readable format.

Most online exchange of data now uses a variant of public key encryption or asymmetric encryption. In this method of encryption, two keys are used for locking and unlocking of data. This involves a public key that is shared with contacts and a private key that remains solely with the sender of the encrypted email.

There are numerous benefits of sending emails in encrypted form, especially when the communication involves parties that need to keep their transactions private and protected from potential threats. The key benefit is that it would be almost impossible for anyone to read or make sense of your message except those for whom the message is intended. Even if hackers do attempt to encode the email messages, they will find it difficult to do so in the absence of encryption keys.

In the early days, encryption was mostly used for online transactions and the messages were secured using Secure Socket Layer or SSL protocol. With the advancement of technologies in this field, the SSL protocol process is being replaced by the more secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

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