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Email Authentication

The way email was designed originally made it super easy for spammers to forge the sender details. They would pose as bankers, auction sites, etc. and send malicious emails to scam money from unsuspecting people. Soon, this became widespread and scores of victims fell prey to these scammers/phishers. Not just the victims, but the companies these scammers were impersonating or falsely representing too faced harm in terms of brand and reputation.

A report by Symantec Corporation says that this type of email abuse constituted nearly 90.4% of messages in corporate networks. It is a huge menace.

As with any emerging problem, soon appeared viable solutions. For email services, large companies like Google, Yahoo, Outlook etc. started using email authentication to determine spam.

Most of the efforts that go into preventing spam try and detect it by analyzing the email content.

Email Authentication is akin to having a digital signature. It lets ISPs identify the sender and determine if it is safe to let the email reach the receiver. It attests to the fact that an email is sent by you or your business. It helps in protecting and preserving your identity, brand, and reputation.

Most businesses think of email authentication as a must-do since it secures their identity and upholds their clients’ trust in them.

Several different types of email authentication methods are available, with their sets of advantages and disadvantages. Any company that’s looking for email authentication must decide on one that's not too hard to implement simply because it is useless if it’s far too difficult to execute. At present, there are three email authentication standards that fight spam. These are Sender Policy Framework, Sender ID, and DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail.

In many countries, some laws have been put in place to combat the menace of spam. It is considered illegal if you send spam or hire someone to send it to you.

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