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Electronic commerce, otherwise popularly known as e-commerce is a business transaction in goods and services over an electronic network. It is a process of buying and selling of desired goods, services, transferring funds, and data on the internet. The terms e-commerce is similar to e-business as it is an online transaction between business to customer, business to business, customer to business or customer to customer.

This e-commerce started as early as in the 1960s. Then it was an electronic interchange of business data. The e-commerce underwent a revolution in the 1990s when the customer could purchase their desired items online on e-commerce websites. Big brands evolved in e-commerce and now it is their era.

E-commerce applications

Emails, online catalog, product information, online brochures are the online marketing applications. Shopping carts and web services are buyer friendly applications.

Advantages of e-commerce

E-commerce is around the clock activity. There is no time limit for online buying or selling.
E-commerce can be accessed with incredible speed, no loss of time for the buyer or seller.
E-commerce offers an unbelievable range of products to the buyer.
E-commerce offers easy accessibility to the online markets to both buyer and seller.
• E-commerce offers global market access to both buyer and seller. Anybody can buy or sell anything anywhere in the world sitting in the comforts of his house.

The e-commerce market is here to stay and is growing at a fantastic rate.

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