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Dual core

Dual core is a processor that can execute two cores in a single integrated circuit. Though they act as a single unit, both the cores have their individual controller and cache that makes them perform faster than a single-core processor. Though it performs faster, it does not actually mean it doubles up in speed as the speed ultimately depends on the software running on the machine.

The operating system running on a computer has to have the capability for multiple processing. Those that are optimized for multiple tasking can definitely experience higher speed. Users may not realize the difference in speed when working on different tasks but they get the benefits of multiple processors.

The advantage with dual-core CPUs is that they can perform two functions simultaneously and at a faster pace than a single core. In a single core CPU, it has to stop one function before it starts executing the other. The other advantage with dual-core is on its cost-effectiveness as it enables dual works on a single computer with a single motherboard.

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