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Drupal is a free, scalable and open source CMS structure using the PHP format of programming language. It is used as a backend system for all types of platforms that could range from a simple blogger's site to a large corporate website. Drupal software has been developed by a Belgian Programmer named Dries Buytaert and is released in 2001 under the General Public License(GNU). Drupal has a strong community with over a million members and more than 30,000 developers. The latest version of Drupal is Drupal 8 that is compatible with MySQL 5.5.3, PostgreSQL 9.1.2 or higher, PHP 5.5.9 or higher. Drupal supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other major operating systems. The large community that it has contributed and help the users with forums, tutorials, and extensive documentation. 

Drupal is a strong and robust CMS having over 2000 themes and nearly 30000 modules that have been useful for the large online businesses. Drupal is customizable and allows the users to cut and change the design, page layout, color and functionalities of the website with the wide range of Drupal themes that are available. Users can add new features or modify the existing features without any complications The website can be easily edited and new content added or stale pages removed without disturbing the other page contents and do not require the website to be shut down ensuring maximum availability. 

Drupal uses blocks and groups to place the content and can classify the content into sub-categories making it easy for the visitors to search for their requirements. It is also mobile ready and viewers can easily view the websites on their compatible devices without the need of developers having to do many changes. The Drupal community has got a big boost recently when Acquia the Boston based cloud platform announced releasing funds to develop Drupal modules that could enhance the functionalities.

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