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DoS Attack

DoS expands to Denial of Service. DOS attack is a disruption aimed at a network and is designed to cripple it with flow of heavy but completely useless traffic. This type of attack generally exploit limitations in the TCP/IP protocols. Quite obviously, DoS attack is aimed at shutting down a system or network, making it unreachable to users. Besides flooding the targeted network with traffic, the system can also be jammed by sending information that can trigger a crash.

DoS attacks are generally aimed at web servers of prestigious organizations such as media companies, major ecommerce businesses, and banking firms which are offering critical services to users. Trade and government organizations also fall victims to such attacks.

DoS attacks do not generally result in the theft or loss of important information or other assets. However, these attacks are dreaded as they can damage the reputation of the website and can cost them a great deal of time and money to set the situation back to normal.

There are advanced software solutions available which system administrators are now using to either prevent or limit the damage caused by DoS attacks. However, hackers are constantly creating new paths to attack websites in different ways.

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