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Domain Registration

The process of registering or reserving a Domain name on the internet for a certain period is known as Domain Registration. A Domain name registrant is a person or business that has registered the domain name.

As long as the domain name is renewed when required, it remains with the registrant. Domain registration is vital for a website, email, or web service. The user does not have to register a new name always. The minute a domain name is registered, the information about its owner is made publicly available. This affords the owner a recognized identity.

For domain registration, the user will have to avail the services of a domain name registrar. This would be an ICANN or a national ccTLD accredited company with the authority to register domain names.

To register a domain name, the user will have to supply the following information to the registrar:

 - The domain name desired
 - The domain registration term desired
 - Name and contact information of the registrant and the administrative and billing contacts. This would include an email address, physical address, and contact numbers.
 - The payment-related details

Once the user has furnished all these details, the registrar would initiate the domain name registration process by sending over the domain name request and all the associated information to the registry.

The registrars help the user register a domain names with an extension, such as .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .biz, .name, .tv, and more. The extension is the reason the price of domain name registration varies so greatly. The most affordable extension is the most common one - .com while there are some country-specific extensions that can even go up to be five times more expensive than regular ones.

The registrars provide a domain name search service to the user which allows them to search for domain names and check the availability status. Some also provide additional services like administrative tools and support whose cost is included in the registration fee.

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