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Domain Parking

Domain Parking means that the user’s domain name points at a place holder web page to show any visitors that the domain name has already been taken. This service is provided by domain name registrars, which are the companies that help the user register their domain.

The very first step of creating a website is choosing and registering a domain name. While they are still in the process of creating the website, the user already has a domain name, and they are unable to point the domain name anywhere. The domain name registrar will help them out by allowing them to point their domain name to an empty/dummy webpage. Some registrars place their ads on these dummy pages, but the user is unable to generate any income out of those. They can earn only from the ads they place on their website.

This service is especially useful when a user is undecided about their final domain name. So they park several domain names with similar permutations and combinations of keywords with the registrar to keep them safe from being “stolen” by someone. Once they have decided on the one they want to go with, they can create the website around it. They can also go with some or all such domain names and create websites around those.

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