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Domain Name System

DNS or Domain Name System is basically a graded naming system that is built on a distributed database. It transforms the domain names into IP addresses and assigns the domain names to the Internet users and resources’ group, irrespective of the physical location of entities. 

Domain Name System contains a tree of various domain names. Each node in a tree has resource records that include information related to the domain name. Node tree gets divided into zones beginning at the root zone. The DNS zones might have a domain or multiple subdomains and domains as per administrative authority substituted to the managers. The DNS client side or DNS resolver is the one responsible for sequencing queries, leading to the complete resolution of sought-after resources. Either the queries are non-recursive or recursive. 

It assigns the domain names as well as maps names to the IP addresses via designating authoritative server name for every domain. Servers are accountable for the particular domains as well as they can assign authoritative names to the subdomains. The result of the process is Domain Name System is fault tolerant and distributed. 

Also, it stores mail servers’ list that accepts the email for internet domain. Universal Product Codes (UPCs), radio frequency identification tags, as well as international characters within host names and email addresses, utilize DNS.

How Domain Name System increases Web Performance? 

In order to promote the efficiency, servers could cache answers received for a limited timeframe. It permits the server to respond instantly for next time when the lookup come again. For instance, if everybody in the office requires access to the same video on the website on the same day, the local DNS server would resolve name once, after that it can cater to all requests out of the cache. The record time or live time is configurable. Long values minimize load on the servers and short values provide accurate responses. 

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