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Domain Name Registrar

Domain Name registrar refers to an organization that is authorized to reserve domain names on the internet. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the principal regulator of domain names.

Following accreditations are necessary for establishing the entity as domain name registrar:

1. Generic top-level domain registry (gTLD)
2. Country code top-level domain registry (cTLD)

Registered domain names are maintained in the database of the central registry. Domain name registration as also offered by hosting service providers as a service. In order to purchase a domain with .com, you need to approach your registrar or hosting service provider. The registrar will inform VeriSign to update domain information on name servers of the registrar.

It is important to submit an active e-mail address for the purpose of the validation process. Ideally, the e-mail address you provide for validation should not be related to the registered domain.

Registered domain names have a specific life. In general life of a domain name is up to ten years. Domain name users are permitted to alter the DNS and renew the registration before it expires. There are many service providers offering cheap registration facility for domain name registration. You should always select the Domain Name Registrar based on the accessibility and trust factor.

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