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Domain Hosting

Since a domain is nothing but an address of a website, domain hosting can be considered to be nothing but website hosting. Whenever a hosting service is hosting a domain, it is essentially hosting a website. Domain hosting involves the assignment of address (DNS) to the domain names by Managed Service Providers or Web Hosting Service Providers.

A domain is a collection of network addresses termed as IP addresses. Domain forms the basis for hosting a website on the Internet. Whenever an individual is visiting your website, a domain name has to be entered in a browser. The domain name is further translated into an IP address that directs the server to the files related to the website pertaining to a particular domain name.

Web hosting service provider helps users get their domain names registered with the authority. This service is usually restricted to users who have their websites hosted with a particular web host. Domain registration service is one of the most sought after services provided by web hosts and it also consists of bulk domain transfer and bulk domain search. It enables users to search for availability of the desired domain and offers specialized services to book the chosen domain.

Depending on the address the services are charged an annual basis. These are.COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, and .CO.UK, just to name a few. Domain names are extremely vital for any business as these help the business gain credibility. Domain name registration services should be simple and reliable. With help of a user-friendly domain name checker, users can easily finalize their own domain name. With a distinct domain, name businesses can build a robust online identity.

Domain hosting also offers a wide range of solutions including e-mail hosting, CMS hosting, and cloud CDN service to enhance the web presence of websites. Domain hosting is also extended to email hosting as the email address of user accounts consist of domain names of their websites.

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