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Dolibarr is a contemporary, open source, free, comprehensive ERP and CRM software to manage your business. You can enable any feature that you think your business requires like client accounts, sales, logistic, invoices, stocks, agenda, human resources, products, shipments, emails, accounting, and many similar.

Compatible: The software is built by addition of modules which allows the users to enable only those features which they require on any Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating systems with Apache, MySQL, and PHP (WAMP, LAMP, MAMP). It does not require any customization and can be put into use immediately after installation. 

Update: Every software has its updates frequently. Similarly, as and when there is an update to the Dolibarr, users can upgrade at any time to the latest version without any issues of losing their data.  

Simple: It is easy and quick to install. Developers can use and work on it immediately. Dolibarr also offers one-click installers to enable non-technical people to install it easily without the need to hire qualified experts. 

Flexible: Dolibarr can be installed on any online server-shared, virtual, or dedicated machine. it can also be installed as a standalone application and can be used on any device- PC, laptops, smartphones etc facilitating users to use it anywhere, any time.


As CRM/Sales:

Create a database of customers and prospects with complete information. Follow up on all prospects/ leads - send quotes, fix an agenda for follow-ups, status for follow up with the value of likely opportunities. You can customize and add your own field if it is not there in the predefined field. Create an Orders list from the customer list. Dolibarr facilitates easy ways to manage your workflows. Manage client contracts and subscriptions. Generate timely invoices, follow-up on renewals etc.

As HR (Human Resources):

Create a database of employees- their role, responsibilities, and any other personal information. On the same lines build a database of suppliers, customers, co-partners etc with individual user accounts. maintain an expense report, record their leave applications, 

CMS- (Websites/ Ecommerce): Build a robust blog/website or ecommerce store integrating the ERP features in quick time. 


Products and stock: Create a product catalog with both sale and purchase status. Include the various aspects- sales tax, tax rate, cost price, duration, weight, stock etc. Create a description of the products with photos, PDF notice etc. Create a shipment module to track your orders, quantity etc. 

Invoicing: Generate invoices, reminders, payments, bank reconciliations etc. 

Marketing: Email marketing, newsletters, surveys and many more.

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